My name is Adella Colvin and I am the owner and sole dyer for LolaBean Yarn Co. I create custom hand-dyed luxury yarns for knitting and crocheting enthusiasts around the world. What catapulted me into the world of dyeing was the lack of yarn shops in my community and the way I was sometimes treated, as a woman of color, when I was able to locate one. Sadly, I walked into a yarn shop one day and was immediately told “the bathroom is for customers only”. 

That single situation served as a catalyst for me to begin dyeing my own yarn for personal use. In those early days, I would share what I created with folks in the various crafting groups that I was a member of on Facebook. I didn’t really think much of the things that I created at first, but then people began to inquire about how they could get their hands on the yarn that I was dyeing. Six years later, I have built one of the most recognizable brands in the indie-dyed yarn community. 

The LolaBean Yarn Co Brand believes in and stands for diversity, inclusivity and accessibility. We strongly believe that Black Lives Matter and that equal rights and protections for the LGBTQ+ community is a fundamental right. Being a company that is owned and operated by a woman of color, it is vital that we help to bring more color into what has otherwise been a predominantly white industry.